We used to be friends.  Or bros.  I was young and you were fresh.  I always asked for you.  Remember those chili dogs?  Don’t spare the onions I’d say to the kid with the spoon.  Lay ‘em on me.

Then as time passed and I got older, things changed.  At night there would be this pain in my chest.  Was it heartbreak?  No it was heartburn.  No songs to write about that.  I’d have to get up and take something for the pain.  And I could taste the onions the next day.  By the way
no one wants to kiss anybody who smells of yesterday’s onions. 

So it came to pass.  No more onions.  I know they were hurt...
Never really sat down and told them.  Instead I marginalized them away from me.  Like that bad sibling you don’t want to know. I know it wasn’t fair.  But my mind still loved them even if my body wouldn’t.