About Us


Ten words of truth set to music. A catch phrase with a repeating chorus everyone can sing to. Thats songwriting for us. I'm Tom Bernath,....writer of the lyrics and executive producer. Alexander Sack writes the music, does the arrangement and handles the engineering and production. All the songs are original and we collaborate together to make them the best they can be. We hire our singers,... since no one wants to hear us sing..... (not even us).

"The groove will tell us"... Thats what Alexander Sack (music) always says when we work on a new song. We start when I bring him the lyrics that I write and we develop music to fit. Melody and tempo follow the chord foundation that Alex creates. Sometimes the song seems to write itself.

Other times its a longer process, so we put it down and come back to the song later. Or sometimes I go off and rewrite the whole thing. In the end we strive to make musical magic. We create styles that suit just about every musical taste. So sit back,....relax and enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment or critique.

About Us

Tom Bernath - Writer/Executive Producer

Alexander Sacks - Writer/Producer

Leota Penny - Singer

Jeremy Danks - Singer

Lindsay Rose - Singer

Brenda Hodnet - Singer

Tom Bernath

Tom Bernath’s songwriting was evident at an early age. As a toddler he would make up his own nursery rhymes. His second grade teacher had a parent teacher meeting to discuss young Tom’s dirty limricks that he was reciting on the playground. His parents were completely mortified and promised to do something. A notice was put into his permanent record.

Uneventful years passed until Tom reached high school. Songs filled his head: pop, r & b, blues, soul and gospel. They would emerge as new lyrics sung to the pop songs coming out of car radios. A talent that meant riding around with the cool kids trying to pick up girls. The fact that the car was already full never mattered much since no girls ever got in. Finally at the high school senior talent tryouts, Tom got a singer friend to audition his song “You Can ***** My Permanent Record”. Another parent conference and another notice.

Years went by and songs were written and discarded. Marriage, kids and his own business followed. All was normal for years. Yet inside he still heard the words. With the 9-11 attack on the U.S.A the lyrics began to flow…and flow. He went looking for someone to write the music and found Alexander Sack. Together the lyrics and music become these songs.

Alexander Sack

Alexander would like to thank: George Ls high end cables and strings. Muncy Guitars, history making guitars, featuring the Alexander Sack signature model electric guitar. Alan Hoover of Maniac Music. Fusion Cases. Tom for his outstanding work. Alex Lee, Nick Wilson, brother Kent, my family, my students.

He has a degree in Music from Cal State Northridge and Master in Fine Arts (MFA) from Cal Arts. He was 2 time winner of the Randy Rhodes Award for Guitar Excellence. He is equally adept at classical guitar to the most far out electric.



Leota Penny

Leota Penny sings more Bent Zinger songs than anyone else. From the first day Alex brought her in to sing a rockbilly song, Letoa has electrified the room. She is able to sing anything we can think of. So there are a lot of tracks here to listen to.




Jeremy Danks

Jeremiah would like to thank: Tom Bernath for this opporutnity. Alexander Sack for teaching me so much musically, as well as for being a great brother both in Christ and Blues. Dad, Arthur, for always believing in me, and for being a great vocal coach. My mom and sisters for putting up with a lot of Blues. Grandpa, for lots of encouragement. Grandma for always giving more love and strenth than is imaginable. Cadillac Zach and Stephen "styxxx" Marshall for the best Blues James in Los Angeles. Casey Watt for being the best wing man and soulful blues brother to me for many years. Finally, God for love, mercy, and music.

feat. Lindsay Rose (Vocals)

Lindsay Rose is a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles and New York City. Music has always been a part of Lindsay's life. At a young age her Mother would bring her along to watch her sing at various jazz clubs so she could witness the"Feel Good" music. Lindsay has carried that soul into her own sound. Lindsay can be seen covering hit singles on Youtube and is independently producing her own "Vintage Soul" sound. Lindsay has provided back-up vocals for Broadway star Shoshana Bean and she was the July 2013 winner of "So You Think You Can Sing" premiere competition. Hosted by The Cash Bar NYC. Lindsay is currently in the studio recording her first EP "Stay True". www.lindsay-rose.com

Brenda Hodnett

Brenda Hodnett has done everything from performing and teaching voice, piano, and violin to singing and performing with the Los Angeles Master Chorale in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Memorable performances include singing the National Anthem at the Race for Life Cancer Benefit, being the Soprano soloist for both Fauré's Requiem and Rutter's Requiem in a single evening, and placing in the top 10 at a statewide piano competition sponsored by Yamaha. As a sports fan, Brenda is especially proud to have been on the roster to sing the national anthem for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Brenda holds a Bachelorette degree in Music Education from California State University at                                                                                                               Northridge's Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication.