Chasing the Dream

Chasing the dream is what we're all after. We were so pleased to have Lindsay come in and do this song for us.

When she first came to us, Xander said "What should she sing?". I said "She's the perfect voice for Help Me Sweet Jesus, a song left over from our Gospel CCM album. She is featured here with Xander's guitar and arrangements.  

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Really Just You

What started out as an upbeat album seems to be dominated now by the ballads "Really Just You" is a signature ballad for us and Leoda did a great job singing it.

This was the definitive retro-soul album for us. Songs like "I Can't Stop Giving My Love" is a classic sixties' soul from Atlantic or Stax Records. "Sure Enough"came from a bio I was reading about the David Ritz book on Ray Charles. "If This Is Our Last Time" was about Alex breaking up. I thought it was great and it took him a very long time to add the music and the arrangement.

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The music video you see on the front page is song number 2 on this album.

When Leota Penny first came in to sing demos for us, I heard the soul in her voice. She really became"Last Night". Leota had a lot to do with the writing and the arranging of this song. The original lyrics were more "out there". Leota didn't want to be that bad a girl as was originally written.

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