Really Just You

What started out as an upbeat album seems to be dominated now by the ballads "Really Just You" is a signature ballad for us and Leoda did a great job singing it.

This was the definitive retro-soul album for us. Songs like "I Can't Stop Giving My Love" is a classic sixties' soul from Atlantic or Stax Records. "Sure Enough"came from a bio I was reading about the David Ritz book on Ray Charles. "If This Is Our Last Time" was about Alex breaking up. I thought it was great and it took him a very long time to add the music and the arrangement.

Our powerful girl takes charge.  

Even when you're playing, love is always work.  You gotta keep working at it.  

It's about all the things you have to do before I go and remember most of all, I love you.  

It's so hard to be on the road making a living.  Can't wait till I get back to you.  

Our best ballad about finding the right one.  How quickly time goes by.  

I've waited so long for the one to love me and make me happy.  

Classic soul ballad of the 60s.  

Heard that on a radio interview commuting one day.  

A classic break up song.  Let's make the last one really special.  Alex had trouble mixing this one.  

We rewrote this 7 times.  Finally got it right.  Listen to the story.  

The dark angel  is the scary man who haunts our singer's Hollywood nights.  Is he really a vampire?