It's a Good Thing I Got So Drunk

Blues, blues, blues. We always wanted to do a blues album. Jermiah played harmonica on some of our early tracks and wanted to sing so Alex and I wrote all the songs for him. He came up with the title "Devil in the Valley" and I got right into the concept. Purse Dog, a fan favorite, was my idea that woman today love their little dogs more than their man. We hope to have a video soon. The band loves the song.

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The blues can get you down but this is even further down than that.  That's why it comes around to the dark side of every situation.  Backup vocals by Leota Penny

A Southern blues version of a guy who just can't conform.  

Favorite blues concept of mine wherever our guy goes, he brings the trouble.  

Women today love their little dogs more than their man.  So our singer is hoping to be that little purse dog and get that lovin.  Click here to see it on Youtube.  

So many songs about finding your mojo and showing it off.  What happens when you can't find it?  Where did it go?  

Everything is not what you think.  It's not only backwards, but the downside can be the upside.  

Typical of the way business is done in the world.  You gotta watch your back.  Listen and find out.  

Started off as "Train of Dysfunction" but the band thought destruction was better.  It's that friend or relative who shows up and turns everything to trouble.  

This title came from an athlete giving an interview on talk radio one afternoon.  At the end of this long exposition about football strategy when they were saying goodbye, he said "Don't forget to let me love on you".  

The song is a contest for your soul by playing harmonica.  Alex's idea to have Leota sing the part of the Devil.  Makes the song great.