Young Lady Soul

The music video you see on the front page is song number 2 on this album.

When Leota Penny first came in to sing demos for us, I heard the soul in her voice. She really became"Last Night". Leota had a lot to do with the writing and the arranging of this song. The original lyrics were more "out there". Leota didn't want to be that bad a girl as was originally written.

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It's about giving thanks to the soul queens who came before.  Now the new one is at the door.  

It's about loving you as all my material things.  

I'm all alone and waiting for you.  Originally I wanted to do this as a slow song but everybody else thought it should be uptempo.  They were right.  

Don't party and drink too much.  This could happen to you.

It's about our girl taking charge and telling you it's over.  She's moving on.  

FIrst song in my trilogy of making love like a natural disaster.  

Strong love lasts and stays the course.  

Our first attempt at a Christmas song.  Waiting for Christmas to start until I get back to you.