I Belong to God

It's the best of gospel/CCM Volume I.

Thanks to all the vocalists who helped out on this collection. I wrote all the lyrics first except for I Rise Above. Both of these were guitar riffs that Alex was working on so we had the music first on these two.

Who's Here to Praise Him is like the songs I heard as a kid coming out of the black churches on Sunday.

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No matter what, we all belong to God.  A beautiful buildup of Alex's music.  Click here to see it on Youtube.  

Up tempo old time gospel.  Gets everybody up and moving.  

First song I wrote for this album.  It's about loving the Lord and being unafraid to say it.  

Always wanted to write a song about believing.  Leota did such a good song here.  

Getting beyond the everyday turmoil by finding God.  

No matter how low you get, He is there to take you in.  

How fortunate it is to have God in my life.  

A favorite of mine about finding God in all around you.  Often played at memorials.  

I love car songs and this is one about having God in the car with me.  

A story about getting both your financial and spiritual life together.  

The chorus is a hymn combined with a music hall story.  Brenda sings the hymn acapella at the end.    

It's a song of gratitude not attitude.  Brenda came up with the modulation.  

It's about getting on that train to glory.  I like train songs almost as much as car songs.  

It's an old time gospel song like I used to hear growing up in south Los Angeles.