This album is mostly full of songs of regret and disappointment.  In the end there is always hope.

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All my friends and family tell me to give up but I can't.  

Can't give up on love.  I wanna feel it.  I wanna know it...again

Eventually, the hurt will go away but not yet.  

You almost got me with those lies.  I'm not buying into it anymore.  

Tammy Wynette supposedly said this to George Jones in trying to save their marriage.  

You say you're sorry and I should take you back, but you're not really.  

I can't get over you so I go on with my life but you're always there in my mind.  Click here to see the music video on Youtube!

I never intended it to be an anti-war song but we rewrote it over and over.  Originally it was called the "Road to Glory".  Lost our road along the way.    

We did this song before.  Miriam liked it and wanted something upbeat and spiritual because the album is so sad.