Spirit For a ride

The mini CD of Brenda Hodnett.  Same as in Volume I.

When I was a boy on Sundays, my parents would play musicals on the stereo. The most favorite was Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady. I grew up listening to these songs.

Brenda Hodnet is my Julie Andrews.

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How fortunate it is to have God in my life.  

A favorite of mine about finding God in all around you.  Often played at memorials.  

I love car songs and this is one about having God in the car with me.

A story about getting both your financial and spiritual life together.  

The chorus is a hymn combined with a music hall story.  Brenda sings the hymn acapella at the end.    

It's a song of gratitude not attitude.  Brenda came up with the modulation.  

It's about getting on that train to glory.  I like train songs almost as much as car songs.