Used to Be Me

"Used to Be Me" is a mini album of every differnet style of song we have.

It goes from pop, rap, blues, to jazz standard and finally a movie theme.

No theme to this one. It's just a bunch of songs.

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Even though she's glad to be gone, she wonders about the new girl.  Leota added the "who is she?" to the song.   

Our first attempt to add a rap section to a song.  Nobody better than my everyday lover.  

Can't get over you like an old 1950's ballad.  

Aren't we all this?  Two broken people hooking up.  There's an old vinyl record effect at the beginning.  

Our jazz standard ballad.  Romance begins with the special first kiss.  

Means "always".  Wrote this song while riding on a train through the Canadian Rockies.