"Don't Be Early" were a first for us. I very much liked the arrangements here. And the album ends with another classic style soul ballad and Leota sings "When I Love a Man"with great classic soul.

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It's a change in direction for us with this album.  Trying some new things here.  

Tell me the truth baby.  Let me know what's going on.  

The light of love gets in your eyes.  Everyone can see it.  

Don't be late.  Don't keep me waiting at all.  

How many times can my heart heal after it's broken?

Love endures through all time and all space.  

The old story of looking up into a backlit window and seeing something.  

Can't live you and it's hard without you.  Still miss you.  

Our biggest production to date.  It's my second song in my trilogy of song and natural disasters.  

Don't be looking for something else when you have it right here.  

Our great soul ballad.  She loves totally and forever.