I believe that one of the world's greatest questions is: Which way does the toilet paper unroll? My wife says it goes under and unspools that way. I disagree. Toilet paper goes over the top. It's easier to tear off that way. “No” she says. Much better if it goes the other way. More pleasing to the eye. But when it goes underneath, it has a tendency to unroll because of the gravity and it looks messy. Ah...the old question. Form or function. I always go for function. That's the Virgo sign. We want efficient. Form does not matter. 

To prove I’m right we went on the internet. Guess what. The patent for the toilet paper roll (yes there is a patent) in 1891 states that the roll goes over the top. How can you argue with that? Well it goes over the top in the bathroom I use and underneath in the wife’s bathroom.

That's a marital comprise. Don’t think I’ll add any more bathrooms.