Rex is the family rescue dog of Bent Zinger records.  He is a pure German short hair pointer with high energy.  We were told that Rexx used to go hunting and was a trained gun dog.  Oh sure.   

But whenever a firecracker goes off he has a fit.  Tears the screen off the door or window and has a big panic attack.  In this area people set off fireworks a week before and two weeks after July 4th. 

So my wife went to a dog store and got Rexx some items to calm him down.  A new serenity collar, Valerian root applied with an eye dropper and Calming Biscuits with yummy chicken flavor.  Tried these the night before the holiday and nothing helped.  Rexx was wired and nothing would slow him down.  He ran around the yard jumping into my lap when I sat in a patio chair.  Thats 70 lbs in my lap. 

The 4th of July in the afternoon Rexx got Melatonin, a supplement used as a sleep aid.  Then a little Atavan we use to sleep on airplanes.  Nothing worked.  As soon as the first bang he was wild.  Ran around barking and panting.  We all tried to get him to calm down with no success.  He howled so much I began calling him Howling Rexx. 

Fireworks finally stopped around 2 A.M. and everybody could get to sleep.