The old GE refrigerator had been in my house for many years.  Then three years ago it started to have problems.  The cross top freezer would leak into the bottom crisper drawer.  So a serviceman came out and said it had hardening of the tubes and was not worth fixing.  We should get a new one.  So the hunt began. 

Turns out that a new frig was taller than old GE.  That meant we would have to remove a cabinet and a small wall to make room for a new one.  So as long as that had to happen we might as well remodel the kitchen and upgrade to granite countertops, ceiling fans and new flush lighting.  And the old sink won’t fit so we need a new one.

Thru all of this old GE kept on working.  Some nights it would groan and cough up a dust cloud out the back.  During the hot summer months the frig section had trouble keeping things cold, but the freezer works. 

Finally after all the remodeling was done my wife found new GE on sale so I bought it.  Old GE was hauled away and new GE fit neatly into the new space.  And everybody is pleased and happy.

Well not exactly.  After three months the frig section was not working.  The bottom freezer works not the top.  GE sends out a serviceman who changes the China made fan and it all works again.  The digital reading in the door says its cold.  Not for long.  Three weeks later its 75 degrees and we’re putting everything in the freezer.  Wife calls GE and they don’t have anyone available for ten days.  Ten days!!!  What to do. Maybe buy a small frig?  My son comes to the rescue.  He calls GE and tells them we’re growing Samonella and they better get here quickly.  Next day a different serviceman arrives and says the replacement fan is no good.  So he installs a fan to replace the defective fan that replaced the first fan. 

Now I’m stocking up on refrigerator fans and looking for an appliance school to teach my wife how to install them.  Or I wonder where did old GE go?  I miss the warm milk, the groans and the cough up of dust balls.

UPDATE:  New Frig

Was that the end of the new frig problems?  Not hardly.   A few weeks go by and I’m thinking everything is good.  Then my son says “The frig is freezing all the cans of soda on the upper shelf.”  No big deal I really don’t drink it anyway.  “The beer is frozen too.”  Now you got my attention.  Sure enuff he’s right.  So we call for repairs.  The problem is a sensor in the top of the case.  So it gets a new one.  No more frozen diet coke.  Beer is fine. 

For a week and a half.  Then the door temperature goes up to 80 degrees. 

Open the door and you need sun block.  Everything is wilting.  Phone again for service.  A fellow comes out from GE service and says the mother board is fried.  A day later a new one is installed.  That seems to have fixed it.

But as a precaution I put on my sunglasses when I open the door in the morning.