Because I’m getting older I now have to limit how much coffee I drink. Coffee and me have been best friends for many years. I began drinking coffee when I was 12 years old. My parents told me not to imbibe since it was thought that it would stunt growth. I was small at the time so I listened and quickly concluded that I didn’t care. Besides telling me at that age not to do something meant that I was certain to do it.  

By the time I was 20 I could drink 15 cups a day. I worked in a bowling alley where the coffee was free to employees. So I always had a full mug. I could even drink regular coffee late at night go to bed and sleep till morning. Those days are gone now.  

These days I can have a cup or two in the morning and no more or I’m always looking for a bathroom. Decaf or regular, same result. Tea is even worse. I drive by donut shops and coffee stores I used to frequent and I can only wave. Bye old friend. We used to have
such good times.